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Jerry Gann RN CLNC®
Your Cost-effective Helper

What Is Case Screening?

A case screening report is a "down and dirty" approach used by the nurse consultant to get in and get out of the case quickly. Emphasis is on spending as little time as possible to render an opinion as to whether the case has any merits or not. Then you the attorney can decide to pursue the case further or stop at this early stage of development.

Are The Records Checked For Tampering?

What's missing from the medical record is sometimes more important than what is present! A Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) can analyze the medical record and draw out the most important and key elements that are essential and crucial to winning your case. I have extensive knowledge of documentation and can easily identify possible tampering, deletions or additions to the medical chart. My experience in reviewing medical records allows you more time to develop your case strategy.

Can Expert Witnesses Be Located For Attorney?

Locating expert witnesses can be a time consuming and complicated process. Have you interviewed an expert witness only to find out later that their field of expertise wasn't what you thought you needed? A legal nurse consultant can help you with the process and find expert witnesses from which you can interview and decide which one is best for winning your case. I can provide you with a assortment of the finest experts nationwide for you to interview and select.

Can The Legal Nurse Help With The Interview Process?

As an attorney have you ever been interviewing a physician or other health care professional only to realize that you are in different worlds and are trying to communicate in two different languages and no one is listening! A legal nurse consultant can sort out the facts. As nurses, we are experts at the interviewing process and have learned through many years of practice how to interface with experts, witnesses, and health care personnel. Let us assist you in this process.

Are Policy and Procedures Consistent With Standard of Care?

The Standard of Care in nursing is an evolutionary process. Hospitals and Health Care Facilities have committees that do nothing but review and change the policies and procedures as the practice of Medicine and Nursing evolve. Policy and Procedure can be different at many facilities or in different parts of the country. It is therefore necessary and critical that your case be assessed for deviations from and adherence to those policies and procedures and that they are consistent with the Standard of Care. I can provide you with the most current and relevant information.

Can Reports Be Tailored?

Depending upon your needs, reports can be brief, moderate or comprehensive in length. The brief report generally takes 20-25 hours while the comprehensive may take 50-100 hours. The comprehensive report is used for cases of economic value.

Do you need a more in-depth evaluation of your case, possibly for trial or arbitration? We can help you develop and implement a plan of action based on the identified needs. We can provide you with the type of comprehensive written report that you desire, tailored to your need that will help you plan your case theme and will guide you throughout your case.

Jerry D Gann, RN, CLNCCMCertified Legal Nurse Consultant